Monday, July 19, 2010

Raggy Quilts, Tupperware, and Avon..Oh My!!

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I have logged onto blogspot. I have been so busy with Meagan and the boys, not to mention helping my mom get her house back to "normal" after the fire.

I signed up with Avon last month because mom and I were wanting to buy Avon products from my sons' Aunt Tiffaney but she never called me back. Mom and I love Avon (we both have sold Avon in the past), so I signed up to be an Avon Representative. I was able to get some of those roll on body paints that is actually soap for the kiddos and a few other things I really needed. I am working on learning how to manage my eStore successfully and will soon send e-mails to all my friends and family about my Grand Opening and will have free shipping with any sized order the first time they make a purchase in my eStore. I am so excited and now that I have finally replenished my make-up, I look normal again. My Avon eStore URL is but because my name is mispelled it will be updated soon to If you sign up with me as your Avon Representative and shop in my store, you too can get free shipping on your first order (just use the code FIRSTREP). Avon is always putting their products on sale. :)

So, mom lost most of her Tupperware in the aftermath of the fire and so much of what she lost is irreplaceable. I had the bright idea (and I say bright idea tongue-in-cheek) to become a Tupperware dealer so that mom can get all her new Tupperware at discount or free, and I could get some Tupperware that would be useful in my household. So now, I am a Tupperware Consultant. I am still trying to figure out how to place an order online and how to hold a party. Wow, there is so much to learn and sort through!! So far, I do not have a selling site yet. When I figure out how to pen an eStore, I probably will. For now though, I ask that anyone wanting to place an order browse and then e-mail me their order. You can pay me through paypal and I can send you the items (with a free giftie with every order). My e-mail is

And I am still working with mom to make and sell Raggy Quilts and stuff. She is actually making some Raggy Coasters for my Tupperware business as giveaways at parties. And do ya know, she already sold some! How cool is that??

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