Friday, September 11, 2009

Kurly Korkers by Raggy Anne

Ok, so I know my business is raggy things, like quilts, totebags, and burp rags. But for some reason, I just love these korker hairbows and they really do remind me of a rag doll with curly hair. Hence, the addition of Kurly Korkers to my reportoire of creating hand made items to sell. Following the instructions from several sources, I have perfected my own technique.

Using my DD's collection of really cute outfits, I have created so many colorful designs. Some look like flowers, some have buttons, some are just plain adorable! Of course, Meagan is my little model. She will be 1 September 30 and she is already a little dancing diva. Now she has the accessories that every little diva demands.

I just love making them and I love seeing my daughter wearing them. Now, if only I can get he to keep them in her hair for more than a few minutes at a time!

Click here to visit my ebay selling spot to see the korker hairbows and raggy items I have listed. Or visit my etsy store for more of my raggy and korker creations.